lunes, 4 de enero de 2016


9 - 10, April 2016 I'll be teaching in Übersee (Germany). The fabulous Galerie Freisleben will host my two workshops: 

- Faux Horn
- Nebulae

Please, send an email to to make a reveservation.

Here you have more info:

Faux Horn

Few materials are associated with ethnic design concept as the horn. It has been used since ancient times to make musical instruments, handles weapons or as embellish.

In this workshop we will learn how to make an imitation of this material with polymer clay and assemble a necklace of ethnic inspiration.

We’ll play with colour and learn how to get pretty mixed neutral tones.

Besides, we’ll learn how to make durable and strong inclusions with brass.

This work shop includes:
- 7 hour class
- Ethnic design tips.
- Color theory about how to mix complementary colors to get neutral hues.
- Assembly using brass wire

Here you have some examples:


Nebulae are regions of interstellar space consisting of gases chemical elements and in the form of cosmic dust. 

In this workshop we will make a brooch using my own technique called "Nebulae"

Mixing colors using pigments and matching them depending on what kind of feeling we want to express will be the main line of discussion in color theory. 

Exploring design notions of balance and visual movement and assembly and finishing are just some of the concepts in vain to explore this new course. 

We'll explore the world of visual composition and balance. And we'll work on how to create movement in our pieces. We have emphasized how to make a lasting and solid assembly. 

This work shop includes:
- 7 hour classes
- Colour mixing with pigments and metallic clay
- Composition and balance theory
- Construction of your own textures
- Two different veneers: Colour and B&W

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